Ballet stars Ekaterina Kuhar and Alexander Stoyanov played the wedding live

Tina Karol and Yuri Gorbunov married stars of the Ukrainian ballet Kateryna Kuhar and Alexander Stoyanov.

Звёзды балета Екатерина Кухар и Александр Стоянов сыграли свадьбу в прямом эфире

The fourth edition of “Dancing with the stars” was devoted to love and dance pair Ekaterina Kuhar and Alexander Stoyanov made it really festive. After all, yesterday during the live broadcast they got married! Before the couple got married in one of Kiev registry offices, and yesterday they celebrated a beautiful wedding ceremony on the floor of “Dancing with the stars.” Married lovers Yuriy Horbunov and Tina Karol.

Catherine and Alexander exchanged vows and gave each other a gentle kiss in front of hundreds of spectators in the hall and thousands of viewers from all over Ukraine. Later, the couple performed their first wedding dance.

“So many years we love each other. So we’ve been through, created, realized… we bring you wonderful children and live with “one heart for two” for many years. For us the formality and templates has always been on 122 plan! But it is always important to obtain the blessing of heaven, that is why, 5 years ago, we’re joined by a common thread our lives and became husband and wife before God. And today we have done what we have been waiting for our closest people. Love,” — commented on the wedding with her lover, Catherine.