Banana was the most available fruit in Ukraine

Банан стал самым доступным фруктом в Украине

Photo: Reuters (archive photo)

The average retail price of a banana in Kiev is 27.2 UAH/kg

The main reason for this situation is cold spring, which led to the loss of harvest of berries and fruits.

The results of the audit of the fruit and vegetable departments of supermarkets of Ukraine showed that the cheapest fruit available was a banana. This is evidenced by the results of the monitoring of the site EastFruit.

It is indicated that the average retail price of a banana in Kyiv on 30 June – 1 July amounted to 27,2 UAH/kg.

Thus, the banana was the most affordable price among fruit and berries – even a little cheaper than watermelon and much cheaper than Apple. We observe this situation for the first time in recent years, and the main cause is cold spring, which led to the loss of harvest of berries and fruits, as well as the reduction of yield of apples in Ukraine and Europe as a whole last year, – said Andriy Yarmak, economist, investment Department Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO).

For comparison, in 2019, the average retail price of a banana at the same time of year in Kiev was 27,5 UAH / kg, while Apple was sold at an average of 19.4 UAH/kg, and watermelon – 17.5 UAH/kg. Thus, for the year the average retail price for bananas has decreased by 30 kopecks/kg or 1%, while the average price of apples increased to 30.4 UAH, or 2.6 times, while the price of watermelon – 9.7 UAH/kg, or 55%.

Indicated that prices rose in almost all major positions of the fruit basket in Ukraine. The peach state at the beginning of July 2020 cost an average 37% higher than a year earlier, raspberries – 87% more expensive, and blueberries – 16% more.

At the same time, prices for strawberries at the beginning of July were lower than a year earlier to 37%, although for most of the season they significantly exceeded last year’s level. However, we should note that the strawberry season has shifted to 7-10 days, so in the past year the farmers have completed its implementation in early July and started to sell limited amounts of the more expensive varieties, and this year’s season at this time was still in full swing.

Recall that in early June the prices for strawberry in Ukraine were at historical highs. The main reason for the rise in price of berries were the weather conditions – due to the may frosts were lost a significant portion of the crop. If you’re interested in farm development or management, then contact experts like Fowler Brothers Farming: farm development or visit sites like