Bananas, alligators and dogs behind the wheel: how was 2019 in Florida

Pranks with alligators to naked people — a large number of naked people engaged in strange Affairs, Florida has not stinted on the strange antics in 2019. Writes about this TIME.

Бананы, аллигаторы и собаки за рулем: как прошел 2019 год во Флориде

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Some say that weird news Florida emerge due to state law, while others explain it by the fact that it is the third largest state on the Peninsula gathered more than 21 million people — many of them wear some clothes because of the hellish heat all year round.

In 1986, the official slogan of the state tourism was “Florida … there different rules”.

Florida is known for many things. Sun, beaches and oranges. The magic of Disney, the glamour of the southern Coast. And the most expensive in the United States bananas. In December, the couple spent over $ 100,000 on “the unicorn of the art world” — a banana, attached to the wall with duct tape during annual art show Art Basel.

Over these works laughed and parodied on social networks, and then the man at the art fair tore it off the wall and ate it.

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan has sold three editions of “comedian”, each in the range from 120 000 to 150 000 dollars.

“We are acutely aware of the blatant absurdity of the fact that “comedian” is an inexpensive and perishable product, and a couple of inches of adhesive tape, said one couple who bought a banana. In the end we feel that the banana Cattelan will be a significant historical object.”

As they often do, the gators have topped the list of strange stories this year. Perhaps the most interesting case occurred in October, when Paul Bédard responded to a call about an alligator in Parkland. Bedard “played” with the reptile with a length of 8 feet (2.4 m) until she is tired. Then he lifted it out of the water and raised above the head for the photo in Instagram.

People met with alligators many other ways. One reptile knocked on the door the woman the night before Thanksgiving in Fort Myers. In Martin County, two men drink beer alligator. Eventually they were arrested.

Alligators were not the only animals caught in the headlines of Newspapers in Florida. In August, the restaurant in Stuart, abolished the “Monkey Mondays”, when 9-month-old Capuchin named JoJo bit the kid’s finger.

Also in August, people from lake worth beach began to feed kinkajou (raccoon relative with a prehensile tail, native to Central and South America), but he attacked his leg. “It was not a good kinkajou. It was super aggressive,” said a friend of this man.

A Labrador Retriever somehow got behind the wheel of the car in Port Saint Lucie.

Patrick Eldridge of Jacksonville Park my SmartCar in the kitchen because he was afraid that it will take during a hurricane Dorian.

The owners of a funeral home Port Orange, gave free cremation in the framework of its Grand opening.

People attacked each other with the help of various items, including (but not limited to): pancake batter, cakes, fake Christmas tree, swords, packs of condiments from McDonald’s and cockroaches.

In Port Richey two mayors were arrested for 20 days on charges of obstruction of justice; the other allegedly practiced medicine without a license.

Lest you think that all Floridians are strange, some do amazingly good things: Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack went to his hometown of Fort pierce and stopped at a Walmart store. He paid all the debts in the amount of $ 80,000.

Florida 9-year-old offered her $ 15 birthday as a solution to the problem of insufficient remuneration of teachers.

In Gulf Breeze 73-year-old man wanted “a little stress” with their neighbors and secretly allocated 4600 dollars to help 36 families to pay bills for water and gas.

But it’s odd that draws the most attention here. Many people were naked or partially naked.

Naked man from Florida was robbed a primary school in Apopka and spread feces throughout the building. Cops chased a lot of naked people through the Park, swamps and shops.

In March Miami motorists captured on camera almost naked man in bright pink socks, sneakers, underwear and a pink scarf on his head, the man was riding a bike.