Bangladeshi burglar calls police for help at crime scene

Bangladesh: Burglar calls police for help at crime scene


A burglar in southern Bangladesh, who stayed until dawn in a grocery store he had broken into overnight, called the police for help when he realized he was at risk of a lynching while leaving, police said Friday. 

The 40-year-old thief, who broke into a grocery store in a market in the town of Barisal on Tuesday night (south), spent far too long there sorting through the goods he intended to take away, said local police chief Asad uz Zaman.

“When he finished his job, s 'preparing to go out, he realized that it was no longer night, that the population had woken up and started to flock to the market,' the policeman told AFP.

Fearing a possible lynching, the burglar preferred to call 999, the emergency number, from his mobile phone on Wednesday morning to be rescued by the police at the very place of his crime.

“We went at the store, got him out, under our protection, before the crowd could touch him,” Zaman said. “I had never faced such an incident before in my entire career!”

The grocery store owner told the press that the burglar had carefully packed a large bag full of valuable goods to take away.

The professional burglar, targeted by other burglary cases, was locked up after he admitted breaking into the grocery store with the intention of stealing it.