Bank customers can now carry out the calculations only in the new format

January 13 marked the final transition of all payments of clients of banks in the international standard IBAN.

Клиенты банков теперь могут проводить расчеты исключительно в новом формате

About it reports a press-service of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

Thus, it is said that Bank customers today can perform calculations with the use of accounts in IBAN format.

The NBU noted that due to the reduction in the number of details the use of this international standard makes comfortable making settlement documents.

It should be noted that in Ukraine the standard IBAN to enter began from August 5, 2019. Consequently, the Bank account number standard IBAN consists in this case of 29 characters. Its sequence is as follows:

  • country code (UA);
  • check digit (2 digits);
  • Bank code (6 digits);
  • account.