Banknotes worth more than their denomination indicates. You can earn a lot from them. What determines the collector's value

Even though the price of a banknote is related to the face value, there are times when the face value is not decisive.

 Banknotes worth more than their denomination indicates. You can earn a lot on them. What determines collector value

This applies to the banknote & oacute; with a unique, rare serial number. These types of copies are even snapped up by collectors. Which numbers should you especially pay attention to?

What significantly increases the face value of the banknote? What pieces are collectors looking for?

The most in demand are those with a serial number consisting of a sequence of consecutive numbers like 3456789 or with a sequence like 9876543.

As reported by Super Express , collectors are ready to pay up to several thousand zlotys for such art.

We can also receive a lot of money for banknotes marked with the same seven digits, e.g. 2222222 or 4444444. It should be emphasized, however, that playing one of the numbers will destroy the desired order, the banknote is not considered in terms of collector's value. The serial marking of the banknote is also a decisive factor in increasing the value of the banknote. A lot can be gained by selling a collector a banknote that has the YA series, the so-called first replacement series. The ZA series are also able to significantly increase the face value of the banknote.

A banknote in good condition is worth more than one with signs of wear?

However, we must remember that the banknote must be in good technical condition , as this may significantly determine its collector's value. Numismatists use special markings to determine the actual condition of a given item – Numismatists use a scale from 1 to 5, of which one is for a banknote – in non-circulatory, i.e. a banknote not used, with paper still stiff, without folds, with sharp horns – we read in Super Express.