“Barcelona” may sell title rights to the camp Nou not for one season, and a quarter of a century

"Барселона" может продать титульные права на "Ноу Камп" не на один сезон, а на четверть века

Camp Nou

The Board of Directors of “Barcelona” approved the transfer of title at the camp Nou for the period 2020/21 to Fund “Bars” to raise funds for investment in research projects carried out in Catalonia and worldwide, aimed at combating the consequences COVID – 19.

However, Vice-President of Catalonia Jordi Cardoner announced that the rights to the stadium can sell for 25 years. Thus, the “Nou camp” could for a long period to change their name.

“The agreement is quite possible to add another 25 years. Income from the first year will go to combat coronavirus. And the remaining 25 – the needs of the club” – quoted Cardoner ESPN.

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