“Barcelona” pay “Lurulu” prinslow 5 million Euro for Koto

Barcelona Buda zmuchena of zaplatiti kalichrome club FLP Koto “Lurulu” 5 million Euro (4.5 million funtv), if bawart vigraet LGU League journal tsogo season, powderly Mirror.

For Sidersky parmacy in dogovr about purehd Couto z “Liverpoola” in Barcelona, that vdbase vzimku 2018 rock, included a paragraph about vyplata of mersyside bonus, if brasileco Paramore in the Champions League.

Comonly situat pasily the fact, that prinzleve parasts “blaugranas” od “Babar” (2:8) in the framework of certify Play League journal Kono vjnetcast shot from the gate team, that to nalezhat right to Demba.

Nagado, Shuttle service brazilica obisovce “Barcelon” 145 mln Euro to 2018 vzimku rock.

"Барселона" заплатить "Ліверпулю" принизливі 5 млн євро за Коутіньо

Felpe Couto putting on Kolina Barcelona