Bargain deal: the man sold his life at the auction for $305 thousand and was happy

Want to fulfill your dreams, but don’t know where to find the money? So Ian usher did not know. And then came up with to sell his life — everything. Still she did bored to death. And, imagine, sold. About it writes the edition “Interesting.”

Выгодная сделка: мужчина продал свою жизнь на аукционе за $305 тысяч и стал счастливым

Photo: Depositphotos

Like all normal people, Ian usher dreaming about happy family and interesting work. Like many, alas, neither the usher was not.

The yen was almost 50. He worked as a carpet salesman in a small shop in Australia (carpets didn’t bother Ian at all). And when his marriage (which, unlike carpets, he also loved) finally broke up, Ian went into a deep depression. Here depressed, full of hatred to himself and to his life, he found the perfect outlet. To sell his failed life on the Internet auction.

The exhibition “the Life of Ian usher”, which he posted on eBay, entered his house with all furniture and appliances, car, motorcycle, jet ski, parachuting gear, workspace and getting familiar with all colleagues and friends. The description of the lot ended with the words: “I’ve had enough of my life, I no longer need it”. The initial price was $1.

A week later, to the end of the auction, the property of Ian usher left only his passport and proceeds from the sale of life $305 thousand.

“I always wanted adventure — says Ian — and in reality, sad worked at the same place without special events. I decided to do everything I dreamed of”.

Ian usher has compiled a list of 100 goals and 100 weeks for their implementation. Then I bought a plane ticket and flew to Dubai to achieve its first goal — to go skiing in the hot sun. The next two years, Ian has travelled without a break: running with the bulls festival in Spain, in Africa, swam with great white sharks, and in Japan with the whales. Learned to fly a plane, walked the great wall of China and saw firsthand all the major waterfalls of the world. In London, Ian spoke with his idol — entrepreneur Richard Branson. While in Hollywood he starred in a small role in the movie. At the same time he had to convince producers that he does not think about an acting career, and he is ready to play absolutely free.

Two years and $270 million later, Ian usher found that complied with 93 of the 100 items on his list. The remaining desires (e.g., “learn in your sleep to realize that you’re sleeping” and “sink to the bottom of the ocean to see the Titanic”) Ian decided to spit. Instead, at the last $30 thousand he bought himself a tiny abandoned island off the coast of Panama, with his own hands built a house on it and settled there.

Much of the time living with him and his beloved woman, Mo, who he met, riding on a dog sled in Canada. Ian and Mo periodically dropping in Canada, and recently founded a small publishing house, which publishes children’s books. It is through him Ian is going to earn: “On a normal job I will never return,” he says.

Now, four years after selling his former life, 50-year-old Ian absolutely happy. He has written several books and is now talking with producers about a possible Hollywood film adaptation of his story. “I’m incredibly happy about it, he says. But even more amazing to me that sometimes people come to me strangers and saying how my story changed their lives. They made lists of their own goals and live to achieve them. I think the world would have looked very nice if everyone pursued their own goals.”

What was with the “old life,” sold at auction? Asher really knows nothing about it. But he hopes that his old life is liking someone who bought it.