Bari Alibasov beaten up during the show (video)

Бари Алибасова избили прямо во время шоу (видео)

The son of a famous producer Bari Alibasov, who lost to court the manufacturer of the Mole, Alibasov Jr. caught in another scandal. His wife Violetta Grishina in a candid interview with Dmitry Shepelev in the program”actually” told how he was beaten and insulted her, raised a hand, even when she was pregnant.

He went off the rails. He shook me, he hit me, he strangled me. In the seventh month, I could lose the baby, I was in the hospital” — shared the details of the woman.

She also accused Alibasov Jr. infidelity and that his fault had experienced a difficult birth, doctors were forced to carry out a caesarean section. Seeing her husband in bed with his mistress, the woman endured the stress of her paralyzed legs.

Now Violetta herself has a daughter Amelie. The father is not involved in her life, and occasionally provides modest financial assistance.

Bari listened to all the accusations with a grin and mockingly said of his former sweetheart.

“Don’t hang up on me the label of a traitor, because I am about the possibility of cheating with all agree, and good or bad — I don’t care. She got a caesarean, because, like a fool. She, proving to mom and dad that she is not stupid, went to watch me have sex”, he said.

He also said that he does not believe his daughter Amelie. With the sparring behind the scenes watched the brother Grishina. He did not tolerate boorish attitude to her sister and pounced on Alibasov with his fists. “You’re just a creature, Bari!”, he shouted.

Before men were separated by security, he managed a few times to hit Alibasov fist. He just helplessly defended

Now, violet, now we’re even. Slap in the face, which I blasted in the New year, for what you said I would never see the child, now your brother shot me in the head. To more questions, that I hit women, it was not”, — said the businessman.

He also accused the son that he profited from poisoning him “Mole”.

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