Barriers to union action: healthy unions get their way

Barriers to trade union action: healthy unions win


The Administrative Labor Tribunal ruled in favor of five health union organizations regarding a dispute in Quebec City regarding a complaint of obstructions during the last negotiations for collective agreements.< /p>

The Tribunal thus recognized their role in defending the rights of their members, at the same time reminding the government of their obligation to negotiate with the unions.

Recall that the Interprofessional Health Federation of Quebec (FIQ) filed a complaint last November. It was subsequently followed by the Federation of Health and Social Services (FSSS-CSN), the Federation of Quebec Health (FSQ-CSQ), the Union of Service Employees (SQEES-FTQ) and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

The associations criticized the Management Negotiating Committee for the health and social services sector, the Minister of Health Christian Dubé and the President of the Conseil du treasure Sonia Lebel “for having obstructed union actions and for having negotiated in bad faith the working conditions of employees” during the last negotiations.

They wanted Quebec to stop “the use of ministerial decrees and the state of health emergency which suspended the provisions of collective agreements”.

“The government’s strategy was disrespectful towards healthcare professionals. Not only does this anti-union attitude contravene the laws, but it has also proved totally ineffective and has not made it possible to stem the labor shortage. The pressure is still just as strong on healthcare professionals in the public network,” the leaders of the union organizations representing nursing and cardiorespiratory care personnel said in a press release on Wednesday.

“If the government has the pretension to want to change the culture in the health network and establish a real dialogue, he must now recognize that his attitude was unacceptable and change his way of working, in particular with a view to the next national negotiation, “they estimated.< /p>