Basketball fans have determined the best dunk of the decade, according to FIBA: to the quarter-finals and got a Ukrainian (video)

Баскетбольные фаны определили лучший данк десятилетия по версии ФИБА: до четвертьфинала добрался и украинец (видео)

The Qizil Arsalan Kazemi

The international basketball Federation (FIBA) held an interactive vote to determine the winner of the FIBA Dunk of the Decade.

The Federation has offered the fans 32 Danka different players, representing a wide range of competitions – from America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, with the best practice and accessories checked before buying.

As a result, for 20-day the vote was taken 699 188 votes from basketball fans.

The best dunk of the decade by FIBA and became effective throw of Qizil Arsalan Kazemi of Iran’s national football team. In the final against the legends of Angola Carlos Moraes Kazemi received 80658 votes (55.8 percent) against 63887 (44,2%).

It should be noted that in the vote took part in the Ukrainian Ivan Tkachenko, who in the quarterfinals of the vote on Europe lost to German Daniel Theis (47% vs. 53%).