Basketball on two ustanovili uncanny record in the NBA (video)

Баскетболісти на двох встановили унікальний рекорд НБА (видео)

Boban Mar Yanovich

Have CSM (USA) at Stade “HD-P FLD house” zustrich she took the regular NBA championship, in which “Dallas Maverix” postupice “Los Angeles Clepper” s rahunkom 111:126.

Tsey clcom zvichayniy match, nonetheless uvisel story in the NBA.

Have startowy n ATLC “Dallas” vishli vdras two Graca wide 220 centimeters – the Serbian Boban Mar Yanovich, SRST yakogo becoming 223 centimetre, and Laetitia Kristaps Parsings, chii SRST – 221 cm. TSE CCB Perche case in history to Play, if start visli two grafts zrostannya wide 220 cm

Dadamo scho Parsings becoming iresultfilter gravam in match – 25-rcni forward gaining 30 point.

Parsings I gravity real Madrid Eden hazard.

Desagana Serb Buli kudi skromne – Boban gaining only 2 points.

“Los Angeles Clepper” (46-22) Sigma 2nd meeting place in turnmy tablets Sahana Konferenz, and “Dallas Maverix” (41-30) – 7-E.