Basketball team of Ukraine told how to overcome coronavirus (video)

Баскетболист сборной Украины рассказал, как одолел коронавирус (видео)

Vyacheslav Bobrov

The forward of Ukrainian national team and Spanish “Fuenlabrada” Vyacheslav Bobrov during an online interview of account FBU in Instagram spoke about how sick coronaviruses, as well as overcome the disease.

Recall, 27-year-old basketball player is back from Spain and a few days later felt ill. Beavers called for an ambulance which sent him to the Metropolitan Alexander hospital, where he passed the positive test Covid-19.

“While I was in the hospital, I did two tests that showed nothing. And only on the fifth day of the third test showed that I have the coronavirus. During this time the immune system has manage to overcome this disease, and I’m more treated for pneumonia.

The attitude of the doctors was good. Every day they came at the same time. A nurse came, did kvartsevanie. The attitude is very good, but the doctors actively ask people to adhere to the quarantine, did not leave the chamber in order to reduce the risk. Because the doctors that work there, they risk their health and the health of loved ones. In the chamber all lay one by one and for each patient every day spent somewhere for 10-15 minutes.

As for symptoms, I have three days was the temperature, smell, and taste I didn’t lose, had a small dry cough because I had pneumonia. Overall felt good, but the first four days were hard because of the antibiotics and temperature.

For house and all the time I spent there, I did not pay. I bought antibiotics and some other drugs. Just for the treatment of spent 3500 hryvnia”, – said Bobrov.

“Regarding his illness, that I was very nervous, he treated this as a normal cold. Nothing catastrophic happens to me.

Is it possible to get sick a second time? The doctor told me that I will not get sick. But such cases were in the case when a person has very low immunity. It most likely will not be a coronavirus, and some other complication, which was not the first time the disease.

After I was discharged, I was prescribed a month to do nothing, not to engage in physical activity and to drink a course of medicines. I have nutritional supplements, drops that you need to take after the disease and necessary medications to improve intestinal flora, because I had a shock a course of antibiotics,” – shared his experience the player of national team of Ukraine.