Be healthy, but these five ways to protect against flu

Doctors told about the safety rules during the influenza epidemic that needs to know and follow each.

Будьте здоровы: названы пять способов защиты от гриппа

The epidemic of influenza in the winter is a usual phenomenon that can happen in Ukraine or to get around the country side, but in any case, those who are warned will be forearmed. Therefore, physicians have once again reminded the Ukrainians about the main safety rules during the epidemic of influenza that will help you to protect from the virus and to avoid the negative consequences.

Five effective ways to protect against flu:

1. Moisturize the nasal mucosa. Dry environment for the influenza virus the most appropriate, and on the moist mucous membrane of the nose it will be difficult to attach, so doctors advise to wash the nose with salt solution several times a day and bury him, for example, sea buckthorn oil or lubricate the nasal passages oxolinic ointment. These procedure should be done every morning or before you go outside.

2. Wash hands frequently and not touch their face. During the epidemic of flu, wash hands with bacterial soap, and then process them in some solution, for example, with alcohol to destroy pathogens floating in the air and deposited on the rail transport, on food in the supermarket and in the market, money and so on.

3. Avoiding contact with obviously infected people. Runny nose or frequent sneezing should alert you and make to move away from person the symptoms. The flu or other disease — doesn’t matter if catch him and bring home the virus.

4. To walk more. This will allow you to protect yourself from getting the flu on public transport. But if there isn’t, then wear clean, respiratory mask, entering the bus or subway, and when out of transport — throw it away, then scrubbed up germicidal solution.

5. Eat garlic and onions every day. Phytoncides, which are rich in these two products, really capable of destroying the flu virus. In this regard, doctors advise to include these foods in your diet, but if in the morning and afternoon you can’t eat onions and garlic because of the odor of his mouth, then eat them for dinner before going to sleep.

Don’t forget the main safety rules for your health — if you have symptoms of influenza or SARS that can be easily confused, ask for help to doctors, as only they will put the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.