Beatings, arrests and accusations of racism: in Florida, police broke up a party for 3000 people

Law enforcement officers in Central Florida has rejected the accusations of racism against them following the arrest of several party guests, brought together more than 3,000 people last weekend, on 16 and 17 may, writes CNN.

Побои, аресты и обвинения в расизме: во Флориде полиция разогнала вечеринку на 3000 человек

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Party members who spoke with local media, said that the reaction of the police at the mass meeting in the city Dilend was an example of “racial bias” and “disproportionate attention of the police to black communities.”

Some police officers were injured during the arrest, according to officials of the district of Volusi.

The party announced on social networks, began in the afternoon of 16 may, and although the police said that day the situation was relatively calm, “things began to spiral out of control when day turned into night,” reads the statement issued by the Office of the County Sheriff Volusi (VCSO).

Video released by VCSO, visible to large crowds of people, mostly black, who gathered on the streets and in green areas. You can hear the officers discussing how they can best cope with the situation and to “break” a large crowd of people gathered in Dilend.

Neither the city nor the County has not issued permission to hold the party since it was held in private ownership, said the police chief Dilend Jason Umberger.

The County Sheriff Volosi Mike Chitwood wrote in his Twitter on may 18: “I do not accept accusations that we are racists or that our actions were racially motivated. That’s not true, and it’s the wrong conclusion from the video.”

Побои, аресты и обвинения в расизме: во Флориде полиция разогнала вечеринку на 3000 человек

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Around 22:30 on Saturday, may 16, a passenger in the vehicle sent a rifle or shotgun from an open window on police and pedestrians gathered at the gas station, the statement said VCSO.

Shortly after midnight, according to police, officers witnessed the exchange of a firearm between two men. Officer approached the men, ordering them to drop their weapons, one of them ran away. A police officer ran over a man. The suspect allegedly threw the gun and continued to run, but he was knocked to the ground, the report said.

The police have got firearms, the man was charged with possession of a weapon/ammunition by a convicted felon, tampering with evidence, inciting riots and resisting police officer without violence. Another participant exchange of weapons was arrested on the same charges, with the exception of tampering with evidence. He was also charged with possession of concealed firearms.

Побои, аресты и обвинения в расизме: во Флориде полиция разогнала вечеринку на 3000 человек

Photo: screenshot YouTube video/now, this News

Two police officers threw the bottle of liquor, and one of them was beaten by a man who immediately left the scene. Another officer and a police officer Dilend were beaten by bar stool, was attended by other party guests, who also escaped. The crowd gathered in the neighborhood, proceeded to throw glass bottles at patrol cars on the street were arrested, the statement said.

One officer received a knee injury at the police Dilend had a light head injury after hitting a bottle of alcohol.

“It was not only a public health issue, but an issue of public health — said the chief of Umberger, — today no one should gather in large groups, 50 persons or more under no circumstances in accordance with the order of the Governor DeSantis.”

“Although we may re-open different parts of the city, County and state, never has to be large meetings, until the Governor said it’s safe,” he added Umberger.


When the police asked why they had not blocked the possibility of holding parties, having learned about it a few days before, the County Sheriff Volusia Mike Chitwood said, “These events occur in different parts of Florida, and while we block one of these parties, another will be held in another place.”

Responding to a question about whether it is legal to itself party and to maintain social distancing during such meetings, Chitwood referred to bad arrests due to social distancing committed in new York in the beginning of the pandemic.

“It’s a personal responsibility (social distancing), and not the work of law enforcement bodies”, — he said.

“Our officers, at our recommendation, do not try to insist on social distancing. First you talk about the strained public relations with the police, and now we have to tell people what they hate: Hey, you’re 5 feet away from each other, it’s not 6, take a step back and think about it,” said the chief of Umberger.