Beautician explains why fall and winter we need a change of care

Constantly changing temperatures can not affect the skin, especially on the face, which is always under attack. Beautician told which tools you should use in your care in the autumn-winter period.

Косметолог рассказывает, почему осенью и зимой необходима смена ухода

In autumn and winter the skin needs extra hydration and protection. Why? First, because of the Central heating, which quickly makes the skin dehydrated. Secondly, due to the low temperature, cold wind and snow faster than summer and spring break the barrier function of the epidermis.

What must be included in the “winter maintenance”?

“Winter care involves a higher concentration of oils in creams, emulsions and serums. Also better to change the “washroom” on a more soft, without aggressive cleansing components. I advise my patients, layering multiple tools, as is customary, for example, in Korean cosmetics. After cleansing and toning, apply serum and then it is “sealed” with a nourishing cream. But the owners of oily skin should be careful, the oils do not get carried away, as this may clog the pores”.

Components that it is preferable to use in winter

The autumn-winter period provides opportunity for the use of components during the active sun (late spring and summer), dermatologists use is not recommended because of the risk of pigmentation, retinol , acid peels and serums. Also winter is the time for radical kosmetologicheskikh procedures, such as laser resurfacing, dermabrasion etc.