Beauty Doutzen Croesus answered all the questions fans

Dutch model periodically pleases lovers of the short heartfelt video on his YouTube channel, lifting the veil over your life. It turns out, glossy version of the model we see only in advertising campaigns, and other days she leads a normal life of a young mother.

Красавица Даутцен Крез ответила на все вопросы поклонников

On the eve of Doutzen has posted a new 10 minute video in which she, along with her husband Sunnery in turn answer different questions: who made the first step, what is the secret of their relationship and who, in their opinion, more like children. In addition to the ability to learn at which points Doutzen and Sunnery consider each other the most attractive, you have the opportunity to practice your English and even Dutch (and suddenly?).