Became known as the Cabinet will add to the pensions

The head of the Ministry Marina Lazebnaya announced the order of pension payments, indexation of which will start in the near future.

Стало известно сколько Кабмин добавит к пенсиям

Corresponding information was announced during a meeting of the members of the Cabinet, according to the portal Еспресо.TV.

The head of the Ministry of social policy has confirmed that at the time of quarantine measures, imposed because of the spread through the country, coronavirus infection, the pension payments will be increased. In particular, starting from the first of April the Ukrainian pensioners will receive an additional payment of five hundred hryvnia. However, this applies to those pensioners who crossed the line in 80 years despite the fact that the size of government payments to them does not exceed the amount in 9205 hryvnia. The surcharge will be added to the allowances for children of war, members of families of the war dead citizens and also combatants.

“While we set these retirees with insurance experience for women twenty years, and for men twenty-five years, the lowest payment may not be less than 2600 hryvnia. Because it’s payout are fixed at the amount of two thousand hryvnias”, — explained Lazebnaya.

In addition, in may, pensions in Ukraine to be increased by eleven per cent, provided that the relevant bill. According to made in the Department Lazebny estimates, about seven million pensioners will receive an increase in payments in the amount of 260 UAH. Besides, a proposal concerning pensioners, which this allowance will not be affected. People whose work experience exceeds 30 years, to raise the minimum pension to UAH 2100. Given the increase in pension payments for women who have 30 years of experience, and men who have 35 years, this increase will cover more than eight and a half million pensioners.

Because of the quarantine measures of the Ukrainian pensioners will receive one-time assistance from the state in the amount of one thousand hryvnia. It will affect people, payments for which, as of the first of April 2020, does not exceed five thousand. In that case, if the government will be promptly amended to the state budget, such assistance, according to Lazebny, will be paid since the 14th of April.