Became known composition of the “basket” when the draw for Euro 2020

Стал известен состав «корзин» при жеребьевке Евро-2020

On Tuesday, November 19, on the football fields of the Old world finished group tournament of UEFA Euro-2020 (250 games), the results of which determined 20 of the 24 participants for the final tournament. The last four lucky winner will be announced in March 2020 following the results of duels in the playoffs of the League of Nations (the draw — November 22).

Already formed “basket” before the draw for the final tournament of the European championship, which will take place on Saturday, 30 November at 19:00 in Bucharest.

“Basket” 1: Italy, England, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Ukraine.

“Trash” 2: France, Croatia, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, Russia.

“Trash” 3: Portugal, Turkey, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic.

“Trash” 4: Wales, Finland, winner play-off 1 winner play-off 2 winner of play-off 3, the winner of the playoffs 4.

Recall also that have already been approved the city hosting matches in each group Euro 2020 (the owners of the two matches will play at home).

Group A. Rome (Italy), Baku (Azerbaijan).

Group V. Saint Petersburg (Russia), Copenhagen (Denmark).

Group C. Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bucharest (Romania).

Group D. London (England), Glasgow (Scotland).

Group E. Bilbao (Spain), Dublin (Ireland).

Group F. Munich (Germany), Budapest (Hungary).

As the team of Andriy Shevchenko, ahead of schedule won a place at Euro 2020 may not be in the same group with the representatives of the first “basket”, the “yellow-blue” is not exactly fall into group a (Italy), D (England), E (Spain) and F (Germany). Also, do not forget that Ukraine will be bred with Russia, and this means that our team has no place in the Quartet V. Remains With the group, where the opponent team Ukraine will be the national team of the Netherlands.

As you know, the final of the European championship 2020 will be held from 12 June to 12 July at 12 stadiums 12 cities 12 national associations of UEFA. Participation in tournament will see 24 teams that will be divided into six groups of four teams. The final match of the tournament will be played at the stadium “Wembley” in London.



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