Became known, how many teams of the Ukrainian Premier League to pay for one PCR test

Стало известно, сколько команды Украинской Премьер-лиги платят за одно ПЦР-тестирование

The head of the sports medical Department of the Ukrainian Association football (UAF) Vyacheslav Popov told about peculiarities of medical Protocol UPL on the part of PCR testing.

“Financial PCR tests are very expensive. According to our estimates, testing for a single command is in the range of 120-130 thousand.

Club doctors and the management perceived the decree of the Ministry of health as a recommendation, not a requirement, you want to perform. After the situation with “the Carpathians”, where 29 people infected with the coronavirus, the decision of the UAF along with the medical Committee about the mandatory PCR testing every 14 days.

Some teams were PCR-tested 26-28 may, because on this tour they have the law of two weeks.

Before the next tour they’ll have to be tested. Other clubs ran tests on may 12-15. They already expired, and they must pass the tests before closest matches” – quoted Popov