Became known new details about the death of Viktor Tsoi

Стали известны новые подробности гибели Виктора Цоя

A friend of cult musician Viktor Tsoi, who died in the accident 29 years ago, revealed new details of the tragedy. American singer Joanna presented a book of memoirs “Stingray in Wonderland,” in which he spoke about relations and friendship with Viktor Tsoi and Boris Grebenshikov. She described new details of the death of a musician experiences his beloved Natalia.

Стали известны новые подробности гибели Виктора Цоя

Choi August 15, stood quietly between five and six o’clock and quietly slipped away on a fishing trip. Usually he returned to twelve, but this time did not come… Looking at the white building of the hospital, Natasha was sitting in the car in the Parking lot, subdued the brutal new awareness of the truth: from that moment the love of her life would never share with her a smile. To say she couldn’t… she Later wrote me: “Seeing him, I realized that death was instantaneous. I feared the thought that he suffered alone, but that did not happen”, writes Joanna that I trust my secrets to Viktor Tsoi, his beloved Natalia razlogova and other rock stars.

Стали известны новые подробности гибели Виктора Цоя

In an interview with “StarHit” Joann said that initially befriended by Grebeshkova, and then with Choi. They were close to the last day of his life.

Boris took to concerts. And one day we came to the concert of group “Cinema”. The scene is still lit, but the music began, the song “Tranquilizer”, a slow, magnetic rhythm instantly captured. Then saw Choi. Victor stood with his head, not moving, while from it came a powerful energy. That night and began to communicate” — said John.

Recall, after the tragic accident has put forward several versions of the death of Victor Tsoi. A new examination has established that the musician is not asleep at the wheel.

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