Became known, the condition may indicate swelling of the legs

Many reasons you can fix yourself.

Swelling of the feet can point to as a benign and temporary disorders in the body, and the appearance of serious illnesses.

Стало известно, на какие болезни может указывать отек ног

The occurrence of swelling in the lower extremities is a syndrome that can occur as a result of a number of. Doctors say that in many cases, when edema is associated with lifestyle or unhealthy habits, people are able to help their feet.

In particular, this recommended exercise, and rest in such a position that your legs will be higher and the outflow of stagnant blood. Also to deal with leg swelling healthy foods containing potassium: bananas, lettuce, apricots or dried apricots, peaches, watermelons. But if after the accepted measures to help the feet swelling are not, perhaps, their appearance is related to some serious problem in the body.

Therefore, in the case where home remedies for the swelling does not help, visit a therapist, cardiologist, phlebologist or urologist.