Became known the details of the sixth air “Tanzu s with a stars”

The issue will focus on “Night of movies”.

Стали известны подробности шестого эфира «Танців з зірками»

29 September on the channel “1+1” will be the sixth live of the updated project “Dances with stars z”, which this time will be held under the theme “Evening movies”.

Celebrity participants will recreate scenes from famous movies and turn into their favorite idols.

Fans of the show are also waiting for a new surprise. The balcony will conduct two leading. And they will be popular comedian, actor “95 Quarter” Yevgeniy Koshevoy and expert “Poverty meni beauty” Anna Butkevich. By the way, the leading couple will also appear in a bright new role. In what images will be transformed Yevgeny and Anna, the audience will learn this Sunday at 21:00.

This time on the main floor of the country will perform musical experimenters and innovators, the band the Hardkiss.

In the sixth broadcast fans of the show will find incredibly gentle contemporary from showman Vladimir Ostapchuk and last year’s winner of the project Ilona hammer. The pair will recreate the plot of the drama movie “Titanic”. So, the leading on your page in Instagram has managed to tell subscribers about the training: “I Train 24/7, this time to “blow up” the floor. I think that she will surprise you even more.”

Passionate actress Ksenia Mishina and choreographer Jack the cat again try to “rock” hall, but this time enchanting jazz from the movie Chicago.

Sexy presenter Daniel Salem and Yulia sakhnevich will plunge the audience into a lyrical and tender Rumba with a soundtrack for the film “a Star is born”. Actor Alex Yarovenko and choreographer Alain Shoptenko will impress you with a room in the style of the film “Joker”. The producers promise to turn Alain in the mysterious Harley Quinn and Alexis — at the threat of the Joker. And while Elena was away on business in Paris, Alex under the supervision of master choreographer “Tanzu s with a stars” Xenia Hump teaches all the movements.

“My partner is in the safe hands of our chief choreographer, and this means that I can be absolutely quiet”, — wrote in social networks star.

Even more impressive performances and interesting stories from the life of stars can be seen this Sunday at 21:00.

Recall that in the finals the winner is the couple who gets the highest score in the sum of the evaluations of judges and audience voting.