Became known what the outcome of the negotiations of the G20 countries for oil

Energy Ministers of the G20 countries concluded a round of talks on stabilizing the oil market.

Стало известно, чем закончились переговоры стран G20 по нефти

But a specific agreement to reduce production of “black gold” Big twenty failed to agree, — Hvil reports citing Radio Liberty.

The representatives of the governments of the G20 have pledged to do everything necessary so that the energy sector has helped the world to overcome the effects of the pandemic.

At the same time, about any agreements to reduce oil production it is not.

On April 10, OPEC members tentatively agreed on an agreement under which oil production plan to reduce 10 million barrels per day in may and June.

The purpose of this step is stabilization of the market affected by the outbreak of coronavirus.

It was expected that during the meeting of the G20 to this agreement include the US, Mexico and Canada.

Against the reduction of oil production are the USA. In Washington stressed that the American production is already falling due to low prices.