Became known, who will receive pension payments

Ukrainian pensioners with the “extra” insurance experience promised pension payments.

Стало известно, кто получит доплаты к пенсиям

As reported Hvilya, writes about this Country.

As reported, the head of the press service of the Pension Fund Anna Shvets, in 2020 the pension will increase twice – 1 July and 1 December. This routine annual recalculation associated with an increase of the subsistence minimum for persons of retirement age, which is tied to the minimum pension.

Thus, except for retirees with minimum pensions, supplements can also count and retirees who have “extra” insurance experience. For men it is more than 35 years, and for women over 30 years.

It is noted that for every “extra” year, it is assumed fee of 1% of the minimum pension. At the moment she is 16.38 UAH, since July, 17.12 UAH, and since December – 17.69 USD. So, for July, for each year of extra experience will pay more for just 74 cents.

For example, a retired man who has 40 years of insurance experience, can count on the “billing” for the new rates of the five “extra” years. Thus, at the moment he gets over the experience 81,9 UAH, since July, to – 85,6 hryvnia, and from December – 88,45 hryvnia per month. That is, the fee for the “extra” five years from July 1, will amount to 3.7 hryvnia, and from December will add another 2.85 USD. Consequently, the 10 “extra” years of experience, you can get an increase of 7.4 hryvnias from July and 5.7 USD from Dec. However, this is in addition to the pension that pensioners with great experience, is not always minimal. So, leave that they are subject to and may the indexation of pensions and increase from 1 July and 1 December.

However, Shvets said that now there are no normative documents about raises for seniority.

It is also reported that the increase in their pension at all different and depend on the basic pension, seniority and other things. According to the Pension Fund, about 38% of retirees can expect surcharges from 100 to 400 hryvnia, slightly more than 6% will receive up to 500 hryvnia above. For an extra thousand hryvnia can expect only 2.3% of pensioners.

According to the head of the PF, the increase of funding of pensions is proceeding according to schedule, people get the translated amounts. Besides, pensioners over 80 years additionally pay even 500 hryvnia (without taking into account indexation).