Because gum disease can develop hypertension

British scientists were able to identify the link between gum disease and increased risk of hypertension. Experts claim the new discovery will allow to make the diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular system more efficient.

Из-за болезней десен может развиться гипертония

According to statistics, such a gum disease like periodontitis, occurs in 50% of the inhabitants of the Earth. He is one of the complications of injuries of the teeth, dental caries, improper medical procedures, reaction to the drug. Infection affecting not only the tooth, but tissues that surround it. The results of the scientific work of specialists from the UK, showed that gum disease is directly related to the risk of high blood pressure.

Scientists conducted a study in 26 countries of the world, analyzed the 81 insights of the work undertaken by their colleagues. This approach provided the opportunity to compile a database and to using the more accurate results. Periodontitis is moderately provoked the occurrence of hypertension in 22 %. If the disease was very advanced, the high blood pressure was observed in 46% of the participants. The study also found out that in people with periodontitis, blood pressure was higher by 4.5 mm of mercury. art, in contrast to participants with healthy gums.

The findings of scientists show that between hypertension and gum disease are directly related. According to the researchers, doctors should start from this fact and to warn patients about the dangers of periodontitis, the need for timely treatment. In the worst case, the person may face in the future with the development of serious diseases of the cardiovascular system.