Because of an error in the discount the company Burger King lost millions of dollars

Из-за ошибки в скидке компания Burger King потеряла миллионы долларов

As reported by Fox News , error, Burger King discounts cost the company millions of dollars.

According to reports, part of restaurants in upstate new York revealed the scale of the error during validation. Error discounted cost the company at 8.2 million dollars.

Syracuse Post-Standard reports that customers were able to take advantage of the favorable deal that allowed them to buy two Whoppers Burger at a reduced price, and even get discounted French fries and drinks. This mistake cost the company a $1.50 from each sale.

Customers buying the burgers had to pay full price for fries and a drink added to the order, but mistakenly paid a reduced price.

“It’s not a problem of accounting, it is not a problem of systems. It was a mistake. We screwed up and it cost us a lot of money,” — said General Director of Carrols Restaurant Group, Dan Accordino.

These discounts acted in the second and third quarters of 2019, which led to a reduction in revenue of 12.4 million dollars, bringing the company’s net loss amounted to 8.2 million dollars.