Because of the coronavirus fell the most in price tag on the players of the English Premier League

Из-за коронавируса больше всего упал ценник на игроков Английской Премьер-Лиги

Pandemic coronavirus has affected the football industry. The cost of the compositions of football clubs in the world is cheaper.

In Europe most of the lost teams from the top 5 leagues, according to authoritative research portal Transfermarkt.

The leader in this category is the English Premier League, the aggregate value of incoming players in there teams fell by €1.84 billion €of 9.71 billion to €7,87 billion.

In the second place Spanish La Liga – falling from €6.25 billion to €5,08 billion (-1,17). In third place Serie a whose players fell from €5.51 billion to €4,48 billion (-1,03). Fourth – Bundesliga, whose players fell from €5,07 billion to €4.16 billion (-0,91). The least of the leagues suffered French League 1, demonstrated a decline of €3.84 billion to €3.17 billion (-0,67).

Only convoys of the European top 5 leagues has fallen in price by €5,619 billion.

Earlier it was reported that the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 total estimated cost players in the world decreased by €9,22 billion.