Because of the coronavirus Real ID will be mandatory much later: what you need to know

Due to the fact that during a pandemic COVID-19 air carriage is almost stopped, the Department of homeland security (DHS) has postponed the entry into force of the mandatory use of Real ID identity for one year — until October 1, 2021, writes CNBC.

Из-за коронавируса Real ID станет обязательным намного позже: что нужно знать

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“The response of Federal, state, and local level on the spread of coronavirus here in the United States requires an extension of the deadline,” said acting Secretary of DHS Chad wolf.

States across the country temporarily shut down or restricted access to departmental vehicles (DMV), which did not allow millions of people to apply and receive their new identity cards, corresponding to the requirements of the REAL ID Act.

At the moment, the adults who will be boarding on any air carrier, regulated by Federal legislation, can continue to use their current driver’s license, as it was always for domestic flights, until October 2021.

Alternative forms of identification such as a passport, “extended ID”, map Global Entry or other acceptable forms of identity documents will also be received by security services of the airports.

“The extension of the period will also allow the Department to cooperate with Congress to make the necessary changes to speed up the issuance of identification cards Real ID after the completion of the current crisis in health care,” said wolf.

What is Real ID?

Getting ID cards or driver’s licenses Real ID is the final stage of an act, adopted by Congress in 2005, after the September 11 attacks, which are aimed at improving safety standards are issued by States driver’s license. The act prohibits Federal agencies, including the transportation security Administration, which oversees the security of the airport, “accept for official purposes driver’s license and identification card States that do not meet these standards.”

Real ID will be required for at least three purposes:

  • access to Federal facilities;
  • landing on a commercial aircraft Federal regulations;
  • visiting nuclear power plants.

The deadline for introduction October 1, 2021. By this date all States should issue driver’s licenses or ID corresponding to the Real ID Act, but the applicants of such permits should submit applications and receive documents. In this new identity there is an alternative — you can use a U.S. passport to fly on commercial flights or to access Federal buildings.

What will happen October 1, 2021?

Federal agencies, including DHS (Department of homeland security) and TSA (the transportation security Administration) can take a state issued driver’s license and identification card as a personal identifier for access to Federal buildings, including checkpoint security, airport TSA, but only if these documents meet the requirements of the Real ID Act (law, or the map must include a marking in the form of a star).

Enhanced drivers license (EDL) issued in Washington, Michigan, Minnesota, new York and Vermont, are considered acceptable alternatives to the Real ID cards, and are also accepted for official purposes. Most EDL do not contain labeling in the form of a star, and this is also acceptable.

How to get a Real ID?

Visit the website of the Agency for licensing drivers in your state to see exactly what documents are required to obtain a new ID. At a minimum, you must provide documents with the following data:

  • full legal name;
  • date of birth;
  • social security number;
  • two proofs of address primary residence;
  • proof of legal residence status in the country.

States may have additional requirements, so please refer to the web site of the Agency for the licensing of drivers in your state before you visit them personally for more advice and assistance.

How to know whether a driver’s license or ID card requirements of the Real ID?

Cards matching Real ID Act, have one of the following marks (see picture below) at the top. If the card does not have any of these marks, it does not meet Real ID Act and will not be accepted as ID for boarding commercial aircraft.

Из-за коронавируса Real ID станет обязательным намного позже: что нужно знать

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Examples of Real ID:

Из-за коронавируса Real ID станет обязательным намного позже: что нужно знать

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Из-за коронавируса Real ID станет обязательным намного позже: что нужно знать

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Whether you need a minor to have a driver’s license/ID card to fly within the country?

No. TSA does not require children under the age of 18 provided ID when travelling with an accompanying person within the United States. The maintainer will need acceptable identification.

What happens to travelers who do not present the relevant document? TSA will not miss them?

Travelers who do not provide photo identification or driver’s license, the appropriate Real ID, or an acceptable alternative, from 1 October 2021, will not be allowed to pass through checkpoint security.

Is the passport the only option an alternative to Real ID?

No. TSA adopts some other identity documents. For more information on acceptable forms of identification for boarding aircraft, visit the TSA website.

Is it possible to use Real ID for crossing the border with Canada and Mexico and for international travel?

No. Card Real ID can’t be used for this purpose.

Is it possible to use Real ID for sea travel?

No. REAL ID cards cannot be used for international cruise travel.

Do I need a passport if you have ID Real ID?

If you are traveling abroad, you will still need a passport. If you are traveling domestically, you only need one valid form of identification, your Real ID or other acceptable alternative, such as a passport, but not both.



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