Because of the coronavirus transfer cost of players decreased by EUR 9 billion

Из-за коронавируса трансферная стоимость футболистов уменьшилась на 9 млрд евро

Cristiano Ronaldo

Authoritative analytical portal Transfermarkt reduced the cost of all players on average 20%.

It is noted that players younger than 1998, the year it touched a little less – their value will be reduced by only 10%.

This portal solution is connected with coronavirus pandemic, and the economic crisis which began in the world because of the quarantine.

Thus, the total value of the players on the portal dropped by 9.22 billion euros.

The first place continues to keep the French striker “Paris Saint-Germain” Kilian Mbappe, whose market value decreased by EUR 20 million up to 180 million

Second or third place is shared by the English midfielder Manchester city, Raheem sterling and PSG Brazilian striker Neymar, whose price tag has fallen by 32 million euros.

The market value of most valuable player of the Bundesliga – Jadon Sancho has been reduced from 130 to 117 million euros, while the 31-year-old Robert Lewandowski will be lowered from 70 to 56 million

Lionel Messi fell in price from 140 to 112 million Euro and it takes only the 9th place in a kind of hit parade.

And Cristiano Ronaldo and is worth a total of 60 million euros. Only here is Juventus to sell the Portuguese for such ridiculous money.

Из-за коронавируса трансферная стоимость футболистов уменьшилась на 9 млрд евро

Top 10 most expensive Ukrainian football players as follows.

  • Viktor Tsygankov Dynamo 16 Million €
  • Andriy Yarmolenko Slava And Natasha West Ham United 9,5
  • Roman Yaremchuk Ghent 9,5
  • Marlos Miner 8
  • Yevgen Konoplyanka Miner 4,8
  • Júnior Moraes Shakhtar Donetsk 4
  • Vladyslav Supryaga SK Dnipro-1 and 2.7
  • Artem Besedin Dynamo 2.4 GHz
  • Danylo Ozbek Miner 1,8
  • Ivan Petryak LIKE ViDi 1,3