Because of the harm to health, wireless headphones, want to ban

A group of scientists from the United States filed a petition to the world health organization and the UN with a request to impose a ban on the use of wireless headphones. Wireless technologies are often ahead of both research and regulation on safety standards and it can have catastrophic consequences for human health – scientists say.

Из-за вреда для здоровья, беспроводные наушники хотят запретить

The warning that microwave radiation from many popular wireless technologies may present a health hazard has collected 250 signatures. Scientists are increasingly concerned about the potential health risks of wireless technology, which, according to them, the international regulations for the safe use of “may not restrict”.

The lack of regulation of technological innovations

New technologies are coming every day and customers can’t buy them fast enough. Wireless AirPods from Apple, for example, “allow you to communicate with each other using magnetic field induction, i.e. one variable magnetic field sends through your brain to communicate with others.” says Dr. Joel Moskowitz, a Professor of public health at Berkeley University of California who studies the impact of mobile phone on could person.

Dr. Moskowitz also stressed that not even studied how wireless technologies affect the brain, not to mention regulations that limit the potential consequences.