Because of the Memorandum with the IMF will begin to grow, the debts for utilities

The increase in tariffs for heating, which will occur due to the Memorandum of cooperation of Ukraine with the IMF, reversing the decision of Cabinet of Ministers No. 1082 (“discounts Goncharuk”), would increase penalties for debt payments.

Из-за меморандума с МВФ начнут расти долги за коммунальные услуги

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya” with reference to Stranaya.

To get a loan from the International monetary Fund, Ukraine has to fulfill a number of conditions. One of them is the abolition of the action of the government resolution of 24 December 2019, which provides for the adjustment of payment for heating when you change the cost of gas.

That is, the tariffs will remain unchanged even with a significant reduction in gas prices.

Due to the increase in tariffs will increase debts on bills. However, the Ukrainian authorities intend to allow utilities to act more harshly with debtors, in particular to increase penalties.

The Memorandum of cooperation with the IMF, Ukraine promised to develop “adequate tools for suppliers of district heating, to ensure the collection of fees from households (including through higher fines and tougher legislative)”.

In comments Stranaya expert on utilities infrastructure Andrey Nikonchuk said that one of the measures against the debtors may be even eviction from the apartment.