Because of the quarantine, the power consumption can be reduced

Quarantine may lead to reduction of power consumption in March by 8.2%, said the defense. This is stated on the official website of the company.

Из-за карантина потребление электроэнергии может уменьшиться

It is reported that since the introduction of the quarantine due to the mers – March 12 –electricity consumption in Ukraine has decreased by almost 4%. The defense noted that it was affected by the quarantine measures, restriction of the work of the community services sector, shopping malls, service industries, educational institutions, and also limit the production of industrial enterprises. In addition, the report said, the reduction of indicators contributes to the warm spring weather. Because the average temperature during the 11-19 of March this year was 1 degree above, than last year’s same period. Average daily consumption last year was higher by almost 7%.

The defense reported that the projected decrease in monthly consumption at 8,2%, which will be gradual spring warming and declining volume of heat.