Because of the virus we panic less than people outside China: the Ukrainians spoke about the situation in Wuhan and neighboring provinces

What is the situation with flash of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV in China, panicked people and whether to evacuate. The journalists of “voice of America” talked with three Ukrainians living in the cities of Wuhan, Shanghai and Lanzhou.

Из-за вируса мы паникуем меньше, чем люди вне Китая: украинцы рассказали о ситуации в Ухане и соседних провинциях

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Monica Rustamova — Kharkov are an exchange student for a year in Wuhan to teach the Chinese language.

“On the streets it’s quiet, no people. But it is mostly associated with the holidays now — for the New year in China always. The store has everything, except vegetables. And fruits and all the.

Panic if people in Wuhan?

Now here there is no panic. All follow the news, minding my own business, panic no.

I’m holding on, I am not afraid. I support the parents, the parents too have calmed down now. I assure that all is well. I think all will end well.

People in Ukraine are panicking more than those who is here now. For all here calmly react to the situation. All Ukrainians now are on the account of the Ukrainian Embassy. That is, if there is some kind of critical situation, we in any case, I think, should be evacuated.

What makes the Ukrainian Consulate?

Went newsletter, Ukrainian Consulate called on all who now lives in China, Wuhan, to send official mail at your data, who does what, and we put on record. Now monitoring the situation and said that in any case we will keep in touch.

If it is a mandatory evacuation, would be a very bad situation, then I’m ready to go. I want to continue to learn, I have my own plans, your goals for another six months.

What do the Chinese authorities?

Today at the entrance to the store, we checked the temperature. All of these places check. That is, we leave campus — we measure the temperature we return — we also measure it.

Every morning we report how we feel. Go to we measured the temperature, sometimes we still come in the evening to check the temperature.

Given the mask, a big bag per person, nuts, dried fruit, raisins — the University allocates.

There is a girl who is studying at another University — there did three meals a day free meals. They bring products from the University.

We are going in the room, I watch shows, study, sleep, eat.

Flashmob among the Chinese was. At the same time, I think, at 20:00, opened the window and shouted: “Wuhan, hold on!”

Maxim Tarapata — from Kiev, lived 10 years in Shanghai

“The only thing on the streets is reminiscent of the virus — the presence of masks in most people. And so, in General, the topic of the virus is No. 1 in all the conversations and chats in China. Visually increased the number of ambulances on the roads. It is noteworthy that in recent days all rather go without the siren sound (perhaps this is intentional, so as not to irritate the population).

The products in the stores have a special deficit not seen. As for the masks, the deficit is, in pharmacies periodically the queue, there are limits to the amount of the purchase. In the processes, bulk purchasing of any products not. The only scarce commodity — protective mask for overpricing and now have fines.

What do the Chinese authorities?

Purely visual — hospitals quietly enough, long queues are nowhere to be seen. There is a special website where you can track the latest information on China.

Most of the schools closed (again, primarily due to the holidays). Transport works. It is reported that the transport (metro, buses) every day is treated and disinfected. In office buildings elevators are processed. Various institutions (schools, universities, banks and other structures) — continue all weekend.

The government has urged people less to move, less to visit places with large concentrations of people, the maximum to always go to the masks, also inform about the primary measures (how to wear mask, wash your hands often, less overlap with people).

Also, every day on the phone to come messages that in case of feeling unwell (temperature) have to go to the nearest hospital. Also, the Internet and messengers publish a list of hospitals with addresses.

How does the Ukrainian government?

Touch with the Ukrainian Consulate there. The Consulate via the messenger sent with the appeal to leave China. While in China, please indicate this by filling out a form. Also left numbers of emergency communications.

What they say to colleagues and friends?

The vast majority of actively monitoring the latest developments. There are cases of panic, anxiety and more calm and sober assessment of the situation. First lot went in the holidays. But many who had planned to stay, the current situation is still pushed to leave. Some people want to actively encourage relatives, because in the foreign media while the situation appears extremely frightening.

In General, everyone is a little worrying. All experienced and hope it’ll all be over soon. The same excitement is how long it will last. Now inform that the peak will be reached within 10 days and in the coming days, the statistics of people who have recovered sharply increase, as doctors have to ensure that the recovered patients are really healthy.

To leave China, I do not plan, likely only trip related to work “.

Dmitry jackowski — a native of Kremenchuk, a fourth year student in Lanzhou University

“We primarily receive information from the University administration, send us the information in WeChat, we have a Chinese chat where we get information and see ads. Any tips? Of course, to keep calm, if you start to panic, then to do some drastic actions, which may lead to more complicated consequences. We stay in the apartment if we leave, for food, for drinking water. Also sanitize the room, remove my hands. Of course, we were given masks and chlorine, so we can chlorinate the room.

We have a quarantine, but we cannot say that something is forbidden, we just suggest. We suggest not to leave the University. But I can calmly leave the campus, providing documents, and write where I was going.

Is there a connection with the Ukrainian Consulate?

I was interested in, but I’ve seen so far, only recommendations from the Consulate the same advice to protect against pneumonia: wear masks, not to interact with people, not to appear in public places, wash hands, ventilate the room. While I have not heard anything serious.

You inform the Chinese authorities?

I understand that the situation does not fully describe the ordinary people. And what the situation really is — I don’t know and can’t know. In any case, I will listen to the people who will be for me to answer. If they tell you to evacuate, I’ll listen to them and I’m evacuating from China at the time of the quarantine.

The credibility of the Chinese authorities there, because over the years of my stay in China, said the Chinese authorities had come to pass. Itself Hansika hospital, which is being built in seven days. Compared to other countries, they do it in the fastest time possible. The Chinese — those people who know how to direct all the forces to one point. And now is the coronavirus. Therefore, I have hope and confidence that everything is under control, and they’ll do it.

I’m not ready to say that someone is silent or not, it may be, but the fact is that even if you do, in order to keep the peace and not to spread this panic. In China, the panic can be worse than the coronavirus.

There is panic among students?

Honestly, between foreign students — a very big panic. This panic is, unfortunately, a breed they themselves, because they communicate in social networks, exchange information about, and this panic — no need, when you need to concentrate and make decisions.

Because students will spread false information will be punished. Most likely, according to the Chinese law.

I’m afraid of anything that might hinder my health, but this fear is directed to right action. I think and plan escape routes that I can apply in this situation.

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