Become aware of the fees of judges in the Ukrainian Premier League

Стали известны гонорары судей в Украинской Премьер-лиге

Former authoritative Ukrainian referee Serhiy Shebek said about the salaries among the referees in Ukraine.

“In one match of the elite division of the Ukrainian referee gets up to 12 thousand plus 3 thousand for travel expenses. Assistants chief judges earn less than half. It is minuscule, in England, the referee earns two thousand euros per game.

But, in the end, if our referee will judge two games in a month even with many errors, you will receive 24 thousand hryvnias. The majority of Ukrainians earn in a month several times less”, – quotes the Shebeka

The ex-referee is sure that the increase in the salaries of judges will not lead to a higher quality of arbitration.

“But the problem is not money, but preparation. Even if our judges will raise fees to 20 or 30 thousand hryvnia per game, will have no effect. If you analyze their work, we can conclude that they have weak skills. Let them continue to progress and break into the international arena,” advises Shebek.

“For service of matches of the Europa League and UEFA Champions League pays the judges of the first category 2 700 euros, and for the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals – 3 700 euros. The referee from the elite group get 5-6 thousand euros for the game,” said the former referee.