Become aware of the income of game developers in Ukraine

Game developers called the wages in Ukraine.

Стали известны доходы разработчиков игр в Украине

So, according to the results of the annual survey conducted by recruitment company Values and Value platform inGame Job, the majority of Ukrainian specialists in the market of game development (game development) work in the office (66,27%), and their median earnings is $1.7 million

Employees combine office and remote working, earning $1.8 thousand (16,19%). When you do this, all remote workers have the lowest income of $1.3 million (17,54%).

Meanwhile, the wage level domestic experts of game development varies depending on the city where they work.

It is noted that the study involved more than 2 thousand of respondents, including 700 from Ukraine. The study took place for two months.

Also named a top-3 cities with high rates of remuneration:

  • Kiev – $1.8 thousand;
  • Kharkov – less by 24% and amounts to us $1.45 thousand;
  • Dnepr is below 50% and 22%, respectively, their median salary is $1.2 thousand.

Thus, if we compare gender among the respondents countrymen, answered the questions of 70.3% men and 29.7% of women. Moreover, in 2020, men’s median salary at $430 higher than that of women.

Regarding the level of salaries according to positions and occupations, the highest percentages are found among top managers – $3.7 thousand in the Second place project managers and producers with earnings of $2.2 million and third place was fixed between analysts and developers, where the median compensation was $2 thousand

It should be noted that the most popular among freelancers as to quarantine, and in time, remains an IT industry. In this direction, lead programming – 36% of respondents working in this field and engaged in the design 22.8% of respondents. Marketers in the freelance of 15.4%.