Become known salaries Tymoshenko, Gerashchenko, Kornienko and other heads of factions

Became known what the salary received in the month of January the heads of factions and groups in the Verkhovna Rada, writes “Ukrainian news”.

Стали известны зарплаты Тимошенко, Геращенко, Корниенко и других глав фракций

The biggest salary, according to the Deputy of the Batkivshchyna faction Ivan Kirilenko, he accrued an amount of $ 54 312,84 hryvnia, it is interesting that the Chairman of the faction Yulia Tymoshenko zarobotka fee in the month of January amounted to the sum of — 28 692,45 hryvnia.

The main representatives of the party “European solidarity” Irina Gerashchenko and Arthur Gerasimov in January got 46 244 42 040 hryvnia and hryvnia, but the Chairman of the faction “the Voice” Sergei Rachmaninov — 44 285,12 of the hryvnia.

Yury Boiko and Vadim Rabinovich, co-chairmen of the faction “the Opposition platform For life” received 22 365,72 hryvnia and 19 268,48 hryvnia respectively.

The head of the “servant of the people” David Arakhamiya and his first Deputy, Alexander Kornienko last month earned 37 473,89 and 35 764,48 hryvnias of a salary.

The Chairman of the group “the Trust” Oleg Kulinich received 25 585,9 of the hryvnia, but the panel co-chairs “For the future” Viktor Bondar and Taras Batenko earned 15 064,34 hryvnia 45 and 193, respectively hryvnia.

It should be noted that in the month of January, the deputies did not accrue allowance for execution of powers.