Before sleeping can be helpful

According to experts, late night snack-may help patients with diabetes and those who wants to lose weight. But it is important that the dinner was correct.

Есть перед сном может быть полезно

Many believe that it is possible to lose weight if you give up eating after 18:00. It’s a stereotype that actually does not always work. Experiments were carried out, which showed that this rule is true only for those who goes to bed at 21-22 hours or sooner.

Don’t forget that much more important that how much you eat during the day, as well as what your level of daily physical activity. Moreover, the refusal of food in the evening can lead to the opposite result.

European nutritionists, on the contrary I advise those who want to get rid of extra pounds to arrange a late night snack. But it should be only protein foods, vegetables and small amounts of healthy fats. Permissible use of small amounts of complex carbohydrates.

This snack is recommended for people with diabetes — it helps to stabilize blood sugar levels during sleep. Experts believe that it is useful before going to bed to eat a boiled egg (or just egg), cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, green Apple.

And for those who want to lose weight is before going to bed to eat a steak with vegetables or fish with vegetables, but about half the usual portion. Be sure to exclude carbohydrate foods — starchy foods, sweets, cereals. Such foods, say nutritionists, is able to limit the emission of glucose in the blood during sleep and allows to preserve its normal level in the morning.