Before the match of Bundesliga on the football field was built the Berlin wall (photos)

Перед матчем Бундеслиги на футбольном поле была выстроена Берлинская стена (фото)

The 11-th round of the championship of Germany in Berlin “Hertha” on the home field has not managed to render worthy resistance to one of the leaders of the Bundesliga – RB Leipzig, losing with the score 2:4.

Spectacular match of fit and performance, hosted by the capital club to the exit teams on the football field.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, in the middle of the field on the “Olympic stadium” came a plastic version of the famous buildings.

The players took to the football field on opposite sides of the Wall. Note that the “Gert” is a club in West Berlin (FRG) and the city of Leipzig is located in Eastern Germany (GDR).

Under exit the arena symbol of the East German auto industry – Trabant minicars, players broke down the wall, and the fans, in turn, stretched out on the stands the image of the Brandenburg gate.

Recall that the Berlin wall engineering-equipped and fortified state border of the German Democratic Republic, was built in the framework of the Cold war in the GDR around West Berlin and existed from 13th August 1961 to 9 November 1989.