Began to have serious problems with condominiums

In Ukraine began to experience problems with registration of associations of condominiums (ajoah).

Начались серьезные проблемы с ОСМД

About it said Oleg Popenko, holding the position of Chairman of the Committee, LCD, landscaping, ecology and environmental protection Public Council under Kyiv city state administration.

“State registrars refuse to register Association tenants without providing a notarized power of attorney from the owners who took part in the constituent Assembly”, he said.

After a change in the law on state registration of sole traders, community groups and legal entities owners of apartments who wish to participate in the organization of condominiums must provide notarized documents.

But it is complicated by the fact that the apartments in the house a large number. Also, sometimes in a condominium wish to unite several high-rise buildings.

To collect the notarized power of attorney from all tenants who wish to organize a condominium, extremely difficult. Moreover, the design of each document required to pay up to five hundred hryvnia.

Experts note that the organization of condominiums in Ukrainian cities has slowed for the reason that tenants of multi-storey buildings dissatisfied with housing policies in the country held in recent years.

Therefore, many Ukrainians are forced to stay in search of notaries that are willing at their own risk to register a condominium without a notarized document from the occupants of the houses.