Beginning Centrenergo to buy coal by the formula Rotterdam+

Центрэнерго начало покупать уголь по формуле Роттердам+

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In Ukraine, once the cost of coal will be determined by the formula Rotterdam+

Centrenergo and coal companies settled the dispute. From now on mine will sell coal by the formula Rotterdam+.

Centrenergo ugledobycha companies have agreed on the conditions of supplies of Ukrainian coal, the press service of the Ministry.

“We expect the launch of a large coal-mining unions since Monday. The current situation has once again convinced us of the need for an integrated and systematic solution of problems in the energy industry,” — commented on the agreement, acting Minister of energy Olga Bukovec.

Details of the agreement said the CEO of DTEK Energo Dmytro Sakharuk. In the program Freedom of Speech on the channel Ukraine, he said that Centrenergo will buy Ukrainian coal without intermediaries at a price that is determined by the formula Rotterdam+.

He added that the pricing of coal in Ukraine is the best for Centrenergo, since the supply is 20% cheaper than coal state mines, and 10% cheaper gas.

According to the Sakharuk, inmate agreement indicates that the formula Rotterdam+ is the fairest and the European price for coal.

Formula Rotterdam+ was introduced on March 3, 2017. According to the decision of the national Commission, in the price of electricity was laid the cost of coal, based on the quotes of the API2 index European hub ARA (Amsterdam — Rotterdam — Antwerp) + transportation costs to Ukraine. Thus, in the tariff were set equal to the price of energy coal of Ukrainian and foreign origin.The formula was abolished on 1 July 2019 with the introduction of the electricity market. After that, the price of coal and electricity for manufacturers has increased.