Beginning September 12 at TVA: a new trailer for “Indefendable”

Debuting September 12th at TVA: a new trailer for «Indé ;splitable


The holidays are in full swing, but, never mind, when a new trailer for the legal daily Indefensible is available, you have to take a quick look.

TVA unveiled on Wednesday new images of its very first fiction which will be broadcast from Monday to Thursday, at 7 p.m., in addition to finally confirming that the first episode is scheduled for September 12.

This means that in less than two months, viewers will be able to foray into the criminal defense firm Lapointe-Macdonald, where evolve the two partners Me André Lapointe (Michel Laperrière) and Me Léo Macdonald (Sébastien Delorme). The duo of criminalists is supported by a team in which we follow Me Marie-Anne Desjardins (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé) and intern Inès Saïd (Nour Belkhiria).

Several actors will be passing through Indefendable, according to the nine main causes that will fill the 120 episodes of the first season. Twenty other important intrigues will lead us into this universe where each citizen enjoys the presumption of innocence, in addition to having the right to a full and complete defense.

Other recurring characters, will be performed by Mikhail Ahooja, Mathieu Baron, Marilyse Bourke, Martin-David Peters and Catherine Renaud.

In addition to all the scenes that will take place at the Lapointe-Macdonald cabinet, many trials and pleadings will entertain viewers. QMI Agency recently visited the MELS studios in Montreal, where all the important sets of the series produced by Pixcom, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, were built. It includes the firm's offices and a courtroom.

Nadine Bismuth is the main author of Indéfendable, while Pierre Houle and Marc Bisaillon task of script-editing. All episodes are under the supervision of coordinating director Stéphane Simard and designer producer Izabel Chevrier.

Remember that this is the first time that TVA is programming a fiction from Monday to Thursday, at 7 p.m., against Radio -Canada, which has been broadcasting one in this box since 1996 (Virginia, 30 lives, District 31). The state corporation continues its tradition by focusing on the new medical daily Stat.