Belarus considers it necessary to amend the agreement with Russia on border security (PHOTOS)

Belarusian authorities intend to amend the agreement with Russia on mutual efforts to protect the border. This was announced on Thursday, state Secretary of the Belarusian security Council Stanislav Zas according to the results of the report to President Alexander Lukashenko.

“A number of provisions of the Treaty, of course, has lost its relevance. It’s been awhile, the situation has changed, – quotes its words Reuters. – A number of provisions of the Treaty bring real benefits, are the two sides, but in General the Treaty requires updating and strengthening”.

According to Sasa, the situation at the common borders, requires a more concerted action of both stakeholder agencies and both countries. “We are ready,” he said.

In late September, Lukashenko instructed the Council and defence Minister to take adequate measures to respond to activities associated with placement in Lithuania in the immediate vicinity of the border with Belarus armoured vehicles and troops of the Armed forces of the United States. In particular, “measures will be taken to strengthen the Belarusian state border, increased the number of ground troops on the Lithuanian direction.” In 2020 will be amended in the Plan of application of regional grouping of troops (forces) of Byelorussia and the Russian Federation, reports TASS.

Chairman of the State border Committee of Belarus Anatoly Lappo believes that when working on the amendments to the Treaty with Russia on mutual efforts to protect the border is necessary to ensure equal rights for border guards of the two countries. This position he outlined on Thursday by the results of the report to the President.

“In the new Treaty it is necessary to place all points over “i”. We are equal – that the Russian border guards, Belarusian, – said Lappo. We had always fulfilled its allied obligations and will fulfill them. Claims we never had, but also required us to respect”.

As noted by the head of the state border Committee, since the conclusion of the Treaty it was supposed that Belarus provides border security of the Union state on the site, and control on the border between the two countries is missing. “It was not like we helped someone. We are able to ensure the safety of their and the Union state, – said Lappo. – We put the question of why our internal boundary there are [Russian] border guards? After all, we didn’t”.

Lukashenko believes that Belarus makes a significant material contribution to the protection of the Western border and the joint air defense system, therefore, reproaches the Republic are unfounded.

“Us constantly reproach: “We are almost content Belarus. It will collapse if we are not going to subsidize, to contain”. It is necessary to count, what we should protect the common border,” – said Lukashenko.

According to him, he reminded Russia and “air defense”. “They [the Russians] had requested me to do it together. From the Baltic to the Black sea, we are now working on the Russian Federation. It also costs money, not just money. And we’re still a parasite!” the President noted. According to him, “between the border guards of Belarus and Russia there is no problem between the military and the transport workers too, everything went smoothly, but when all the issues appear on the governmental level, suddenly there is a lot of questions”.

Alexander Lukashenko said that the actions of the Russian side for additional inspection of cargo transport lead to queues on the Belarusian-Russian border. “Trucks crossing Belarus in Russia, lining up for inspection, not only the border, but customs, phytosanitary, and other”, – said the head of state.

He believes that the actions of the Russian border guards are contrary to the agreements on the common border. “Near Brest this car turned inside out – know where is that lucky. Gave information to the Russian Federation. They again stop the car near Smolensk, Pskov, Bryansk and begin to turn back,” he said.

Alexander Lukashenko was reported that periodically the queue reaches 10 km and more. “It’s not normal. We, of course, endure, sustain. But then you don’t need us to demand something”, – said Lukashenko. The President called the situation “absurd” because of the actions of the Russian side, in his opinion, have no effect, except for the growth of corruption.

“Why? Extra bribes? We know how they work, I’m the President of Russia informed about it,” – said Lukashenko.

The President sees the need for an early decision from the Russian side the issues related to transit through Belarus to Russia for foreign citizens. “If a foreigner drove across the border near Brest, it may be at Smolensk not to miss even with a Russian visa. Him back: come on we drive through the Latvian-Russian border or through a Russian-Ukrainian. What is this?” – said Lukashenko, quoted by his press service.

The Belarusian leader reminded of the common customs area: “the Common space of Russia and Belarus. No, I say: “Go back and come through Latvia”. “What is this nonsense? And this issue with the Russians must be solved”, – said the President of Belarus.

Finally, the President of Belarus believes the lack of support Russia in the provision of the Belarusian army with modern weapons. “But we run and protection features in this area of the Russian Federation, of the Russian people. So why don’t we to help? Why not put modern weapons? We know how to use not worse than the Russians, but pay for it huge money. I mean, it is not necessary to blather in the media and even at the state level that the Belarusians – the weight on his feet,” – said Lukashenko.

The head of state made this statement in connection with the supply of Belarus, the Russian fighter su-30CM, which were acquired Minsk on own means, although previously he counted on Moscow’s support to update the air force.
Lukashenka reiterated that Belarus and Russia are in talks on the programme of action for deepening integration within the Union state. “We need to reduce, put on the table and show: elder brothers-Russians, you will see what services we provide, and it is not cheap,” said he.

12 December 2018, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered to sign an agreement between the governments of Russia and Belarus “on mutual recognition of visas and other issues related to the entry of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship on the territory of the States parties to the Treaty on establishing the Union state”. In accordance with the agreement, nationals of third countries with a valid visa Russia or Belarus can freely enter the territory of one of the States parties to the Treaty within the term of validity of the visa. In addition, each of the parties reserves the right to refuse third country nationals entry or shorten the duration of their stay on its territory.

The agreement on mutual recognition of visas was planned to sign 13 December 2018 at the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union state, but the signing was delayed because Belarus did not have time to complete the necessary domestic procedures. In ongoing bilateral consultations on this issue. It is planned to sign the document before the end of 2019.