Beleniuk sharply reacted to the rivalry with Novikov for the right to go to the Olympics-2020

Беленюк резко отреагировал на соперничество с Новиковым за право поехать на Олимпиаду-2020

Jean Beleniuk and Semyon Novikov

9 March in Kiev was held the annual award ceremony “Heroes of sports year”, in which are defined the best sportsmen of Ukraine.

In particular, the Best athlete of 2019 was current MP from the party “Servant of the people” Zhan Beleniuk, which is a world and European champion and silver medalist of the Olympic games in 2016 in Rio in Greco-Roman wrestling.

Upon receiving the award, the wrestler said that the reward for it will be even more motivated before the Olympic games in Tokyo. In addition, Beleniuk told about plans of preparation for it.

In particular, Beleniuk reacted sharply to a question about competition with Semyon Novikov, who became the champion of Europe 2020 in the weight category of Belenko.

“Simon went to the championship only on the goodwill of my coach and myself. Exactly what I was supposed to go on TH, but since he’s a young guy and talented, let him represent our country. But you know when you give a man a finger and he wants to bite the hand that’s not in our traditions. I think Simon will compete at the next Olympic games, or not in this category. Toughen him up and running, but in this competition in this category I will represent Ukraine if I’ll be fine” – quoted by Jean

“If there was a dispute, I would be ready for such a fight. But I think the semen in this situation, it is incorrect to claim such fights. As they say: “people do not do good and you will not be bad. In such situations, the coach will not be checked instead of the athlete to send the young, because in addition to speculation on this topic, do not give it.

The guy is strong and promising, “meni do not mind”, but you have a conscience, good people. Therefore, I will represent Ukraine at the Olympic games of 2020 in the weight category of 87 kg”, – categorically said Beleniuk.

We will note, earlier Novikov said that it would be nice to spend with Belenko fight for the right to represent Ukraine in Tokyo.