Bella Hadid boasted thin waist and magnificent Breasts in the form of “caveman”

Bella Hadid managed, original approach to the Halloween theme, examples of “scary” costume, but stay sexy and stylish. She chose the outfit Fred Flintstone – cartoon character, known around the world of “caveman”. The bow star was a tiny black and orange top, revealing lush Breasts girls and ultrashort skirt.

Белла Хадид похвасталась тонкой талией и пышной грудью в образе «пещерного человека»

The waist and hips, she was hanging decorations with bones, ears sported the same earrings, and her wrists were tied bracelets in the form of skins. Completed the image of high boots, a blue “tie” around the neck, and most importantly – short ragged haircut. By the way, which celebrity was so happy to return to blond, recently began to wear a dark shade of hair.

Later, bell posted a lot of pictures of the party with her friends, also dressed in outlandish costumes. They grimace at the camera and having fun. Bella tried to match his image of the fearsome savage, although very tempting.

This image just blew a page of the most popular models. Fans write numerous enthusiastic comments. Could not resist them, and the star followers. For example, Kaia Gerber left a comment: “Wow!”, and big sister Bella Gigi Hadid – wrote: “it’s cool!”.

Bella, which is the face of the cosmetic line Dior, starred in the movie, on Halloween. She had flawless makeup with bright red lips, and with the graphics added a lot of “terrifying” and enigmatic effects. These promo videos for its cosmetics brand takes every year, and they have a huge success.