Bella Thorne has published racy photos with a new girlfriend

Bella Thorne October 7, shared a few attractive photos where she is Topless in bed hugging with his new girlfriend Alex Martini. Sweet caption under the photo showed how the feelings took control of her body and soul.

Белла Торн опубликовала пикантные фото с новой подружкой

The 21-year-old Bella Thorne has a new woman and she wants the world to know! The actress has published on his page in Instagram a series of new photos where she lying in bed enjoying sexual and romantic embrace with her new lover
Alexa Martini. Star of the Midnight Sun appeared in photographs wearing only black panties, waist-both girls are naked. Bella holds him close to Alex, covering her face with her. “She’s the first is a very cute girl that I met
she is very shy and camera shy,” wrote Bella in the photo.

Белла Торн опубликовала пикантные фото с новой подружкой

Pictures attracted the attention of many followers of Bella, including her boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo, with whom she has an open relationship. “You girls are so cute!”, he commented post Bella. Bella replied without hesitation: “see you soon, baby.” Her ex-Tana Monge, 21, who is now married to a YouTube star, Jake Floor, 22 years, also commented on the photos. “Yes, a Martini is perfect for you!”

Bella and Tana was friendly relations, since they broke up in February. Bella started Dating Benjamin in about April, just after breaking up with Mod San. Although Bella never confirmed how long she meets up with Alexa, her social media posts she
the beginning comment in September, so their romance seem recently. However, in her comments, she called one of the photographs of Alexa “sexy” and admitted that he loves another. The couple was spotted holding hands while walking at the airport on 6 October.

Nice to see Bella happy and in love! Young star have long talks about his personal life with his fans, so this relationship is no exception. Fans of the star is very happy to see her enjoying unforgettable moments with your new sweetheart!