Bellingcat found eight employees FCU, participated in the poisoning of a Bulgarian businessman in 2015 (PHOTOS)

Bellingcat нашел восемь сотрудников ГРУ, участвовавших в отравлении  болгарского бизнесмена в 2015 году (ФОТО)

In a joint investigation of The Insider, Bellingcat and Der Spiegel are new details in 2015, the GRU was poisoned by the Bulgarian entrepreneur of Hebrew, his son and Director of his firm dealing with the export of arms. Deadly poison did not kill anyone, and the motives for the attack on businessman remain unclear, says RBC.

A total of eight employees FCU visited Bulgaria shortly before and during the poisoning of businessman, says the investigation. The name of one of them early to call the authorities

In particular, the aforementioned names involved in the poisoning using poison “Newbie”. It could be eight officers of Russian foreign intelligence (GRU) the General-major Denis Sergeev and Georgy Gorshkov (Peter Borisov), Sergey Pavlov (Sergey Lutenko), Nicholas Kononikhin (Nikolai Yezhov), Ivan Lebedeff (Ivan Terentyev), Alexey Nikitin (Alex Kalinin), Danila Stepanov (Daniel corporals) and Vladimir Popov (Vladimir Moiseev), noted in the investigation.

The names of the perpetrators managed to install the data analysis of the passports and photos in the Russian bases. Passport release series with serial numbers that allows to detect a similar order of numbers.

It is noted that in the first stage, from 15 to 22 Feb 2015 preparation of poisoning in Bulgaria was engaged in lutenco, Borisov and Sergeyev. The latter is also suspected of involvement in high-profile poisoning in Salisbury, which allegedly used the same poison.

From 26 February to 8 March the future of the assassination was prepared by Ivan Terentiev, Nikolai Yezhov and Alexei Kalinin. From 6 to 11 March in Bulgaria was Vladimir Moiseyev, which the journalists believe are involved in plotting a coup in Montenegro. Sergeev and corporals were in the country during the second attempt of poisoning.

Recall that Bulgarian businessman, his son and Director of his firm at the same time became ill in April 2015, when three men were in different places. The causes of poisoning is not yet established.

The businessman said that he supplied weapons to Georgia during the 2008 war. However, he argues that it is not engaged in the supply of weapons to Ukraine in 2014 (previously stated otherwise).

According to one version, he could become a victim of internal strife of oligarchs for power in Bulgaria, which Russia had an impact in 2014-2015. According to another version, he could become the victim of an assassination attempt due to the fact that the Russian security services considered that he sold weapons to American allies in Syria. The businessman claims that his company was not involved in this.