Ben Affleck found a new passion

Ben Affleck has found himself a new lady. According to press reports, he met with composer Cathy cherry, whom he met through a program for Dating Raya. Who would have thought that this eligible bachelor enjoys these apps!

Бен Аффлек нашел новую пассию

As it turned out, even such cute celebrity need apps to find romance. Reportedly one of the publications, Ben Affleck in the past few months is in a relationship with a great composer Katie cherry after meeting her through a Dating app Raya. However, the source reports that “Ben in the past met with different women, but it did not lead to a serious relationship”. October 26, the couple attended a party in honor of Halloween in West Hollywood. After Ben broke up with ex-wife Jennifer garner, he had only one serious relationship and that was with talented bookmaker Saturday Night Live Lindsay Socus, 39 years old. So a new relationship with Ben, probably just another fling. However, it is only time will tell.

In interviews, Ben says nothing in the affirmative, with regard to their relationships with women. He usually just laughed it off, saying there are more important topics for discussion. One such venue is the theme of charity. Special attention Ben attracts charitable organization the Los Angeles Midnight Mission. As for relationships, he says he is still trying to recover, learns new and trying to find those who share their skills, to solve their housing problems, wants to be psychologically healthy, and also talks about his struggle with different types of dependencies. He mentions that in truth is apps for Dating, but supposedly it’s not serious.

Unfortunately, only a few hours after a visit to the event in Hollywood, Ben has a relapse. He and Cathy attended a masquerade party UNICEF at La Peer in West Hollywood, and the paparazzi got pictures of him it, when he held onto the car and could not move independently. The next day, paparazzi caught up with him when he went to the house of Jennifer, to get her to walk with the children and admitted that he had too much to drink the night before. “Well, you know, it happens”, — he said, standing near the house Jan. “It’s a failure, but I’m not gonna let it get me down. I will strive not to do this in the future!”.
As for the new passion of Ben, according to the profile of Katie, she “studied film production at Berkeley College, which specializiruetsya on the music. Currently working composer in Los Angeles.