Ben Affleck searches for girlfriend on a Dating site

Ben Affleck is currently alone, but he keeps trying to find happiness. The actor decided to change the approach to search lady and now looking for a girlfriend on a Dating site.

Бен Аффлек ищет подругу на сайте знакомств

You know, last year Ben Affleck has divorced his wife Jennifer garner. According to her, the cause of the rupture was the hobby of the spouse in alcoholic drinks. At some point, the actress even wanted to seek sole custody of children, but the husband decided to go to a rehab center, because she refused from this idea. However, they still remained. After that, the role of the superhero Batman was trying to build another relationship, but with a new lover he separated a distance. She lived in another city, and it became a problem. Despite the difficulties in his personal life, the artist still hopes to find another lover, which even made an account on a Dating site Raya analogous to the Tinder application. A source close to the celebrity, says, have no more desire to communicate with the stars of show business, as such a family can not be complete because of the strong employment of both spouses. Now he wants to meet an ordinary girl, but his priorities are the children and family happiness. The Director needed a woman who would be home when he came. You can pop over to these guys if you need the best dating advice.

The analysts identify the Dating site in question, not so simple. To ordinary people it is very difficult to register. To open an account, the applicant must receive an invitation from a member of the community, having the experience of using the application and a high rating, but because among the members of the resource many celebrities and wealthy people.